Agnes Water & 1770

Located at the southern end of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the town of 1770. 1770 is a picturesque seaside village named after the second landing site of James Cook and the crew of the Endeavour in May 1770. Pass through the township of Agnes Water on your way to the town of 1770. This area is surrounded by National Parks, secluded coves and some of the best beaches in the world.

1770 has an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty, with lots of walking trails to explore. For activities, you can go sandboarding, take a reef cruise, relaxing kayak tour or thrilling motorbike tour – there’s even a boutique distillery to visit. We recommend exploring this gorgeous region by land and sea in a unique pink amphibious vessel. A number of epic guided eco-tours around Agnes Water are where you’ll get to experience the moment your bus turns into a boat- in one swift move!

1770 is also home to the awesome Castaway camping tour. This authentic Castaway tours leaves you to “survive” on the island for with only a handful of fellow thrill-seekers and an array of native wildlife. Your set up’s taken care of with camp tents already set up, mattresses, solar lights, usb power, camp kitchen, eskies and a long-drop toilet.

This tour is self-guided so you’re totally free to do whatever you want to do, though the camp supervisor can give you some ideas – you can go fishing or crabbing, zoom about in motorised boats, sandboard down 35m sand dunes into the water, kayaking, explore caves, find oysters, explore the natural wonders of this isolated island…or better still, just relax, lie back on the beach and do nothing!

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