Taupo & Tongariro

Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand when measured by surface area. It is actually a huge volcano which erupted back in 181 AD making itself known as far as China and Europe!

The town of Taupo is jam-packed full of activities and the nightlife isn’t too shabby! Taupo is home to one of the world’s most dramatic skydiving dropzones making it one of the most popular places to take the leap! There are also several other ways to tick off your bucket list with bungy jumping, skydiving, jet boating and whitewater rafting.

If adrenaline isn’t your thing and you prefer to take is a little easier why not take advantage of one of the many water sports available at Lake Taupo. Accessible only by water is one of New Zealand’s most extraordinary contemporary Māori artworks – the Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings. You won’t want to miss this mammoth piece of Māori culture which stands at 14 metres high!

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