Milford Sound

Described by Rudyard Kipling as the 8th wonder of the world, Milford Sound is the jewel of Fiordland National Park. You can expect to see a magical combination of mountain peaks and stunning waterfalls and even some penguins and seals at the right time of year!

Home of the towering Mitre Peak, plus plush rainforests and gushing waterfalls, which plummet down its sheer sides – it’s no wonder the locals refer to Milford Sound as the 8th wonder of the World! This fiord, which refers to a long, narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep cliffs and usually formed by glacial erosion, is home to fur seal colonies, penguins and dolphins. A New Zealand must-do!

Choose the later cruise to fly in style through snow-capped mountains, and mirror lakes at dusk for an experience you’ll never forget. Choose to fly to this breathtaking location which exposes you to the beauty of this magnificent place from land, water and sky!

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